Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paul Long: 'Be alert. Be watchful. Be ready.'

Associate pastor who died on Metrolink becomes the "object lesson" of Sunday message.

This from the Los Angeles Times:

A sermon on the lessons of Metrolink 111

Minister delivers message on life of fellow preacher who died after being injured in train crash.

For more than 13 hours, Pastor Tony Amatangelo had prayed and watched over his friend and fellow minister as he lay in a county hospital after being pulled from the wreckage of Metrolink 111. Paul Long died, and four hours later, physically and emotionally spent, Amatangelo returned to his Moorpark home.

Sunday service was coming. What would he say? The pastor felt chances were slim that the sermon he had written for the service would be relevant after the crash.

Then he remembered....

I wanted to do one pullout quote before you go to read the full story that I highly recommend.

"We didn't see it, but as those trains collided just on the Chatsworth and Simi Valley border, Pastor Paul saw the sign of the Son of Man," the pastor told a hushed church. "We looked at a body that was bloody and bruised. Pastor Paul saw glory. He would tell us to comfort yourself with this thought: 'It didn't look to me like it looked to you.' "

Full Story

Note: The head-on collision with a Union Pacific freight train on a bend in Los Angeles County's Chatsworth punched the Metrolink's locomotive right into the first car. At least 22 of the 24 passengers killed in the Sept. 12 crash -- the engineer also died -- were riding in that car, according to the coroner's office. LA Times crash victim story.

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wayfarerjon said...

Thank you for this post. It is a very timely message. We just do not know what is round the next bend. Especially at this time in the world we need to maintain close contact with Father. God Bless.