Saturday, May 2, 2009

Christian teen wins case against faith-bashing teacher

Before giving you a link to read about Chad Farnan (David) receiving an unprecedented ruling from the Court (Goliath), I want to say thanks for following me around even though I'm all over the place (speaking of the Web, not my mind! ;) )

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Now to this breaking news, which I believe I broke first thanks to a reader!

The 'Jesus Glasses' Case

Orange County high school student, Chad Farnan, has won a lawsuit in which the court ruled Friday against a teacher who was shown to often use his classroom to attack Christian thought.

In the Farnan v. Capistrano Unified School District case, Farnan, a sophomore at Capistrano Valley High School at the time, stated that his Advanced Placement European History teacher, Dr. James Corbett spends a good portion of each lecture attacking Christianity and other religions.

Farnan, who said he often prayed for his teacher, taped a lecture by Corbett in which he stated that "when you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth."

Please read the rest of the story, you guessed it, by clicking on here: OC student wins case against Christian-bashing teacher. By doing so, you are helping to rain down pennies from heaven!

Now, pardon me while I read John 11:45-48, verses a friend of mine said he was going to use for his youth Bible study as a result of reading the above story. Get back with you later on these verses!

ADD: Chad in his own words, and more of those Corbett-isms in this video.


Mikes said...

Great to hear this news! Let's all stand for Jesus! Let's all have the strong Godly conviction just like this teen and in return we weill be rewarded!

Your Daily Word

Anonymous said...'re trying to say that the teacher was wrong? I don't get it. Religious belief has held back progress for many centuries. Maybe it was the wrong venue for him to be voicing these ideas, but the teacher was, in fact, correct.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I love that you filter your comments so as not to show anything but agreeable replies.

I hope your little 'friend group' here makes you and your imaginary friend you call Jesus feel better about yourselves.