Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Radicalis Day One

Radical(Latin-radicalis) means “of the root.” To last in life and ministry you must be rooted in Christ, in his Word and in Love. — Rick Warren

Getting back to the basics of Christianity may be the message Pastor Rick Warren and other conference speakers are sending to the hundreds of church leaders attending Radicalis at Saddleback Church, but the delivery method is purely high tech.

ESPN-style anchors kick off each day of the 4-day event with morning reports and updates to Web-savvy church leaders following a livestream of video, chat, and tweets. Social media pros man their Twitter and Facebook accounts and echo out posts that include photos, video and audio sound bytes.

Despite the apparent information overload, the message is clear: grow RADICALIS ... develop spiritual roots by getting into the word of God.

Judging by the enthusiasm of those in attendance, the message is being delivered loud and clear!


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