Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Versical: Now is the Time

Blogger Mike has been given the gift of writing Christian poetry. He wants to share and encourage those who visit his Versical's Blog.

Often, his poetry speaks to me directly and in an area I am struggling with or need encouragement. Mike prays that God blesses you all. Also, he writes in his About page: "feel free to copy any you like."

This from today's post on Versical's Blog:


Now is the time to be the one
Who you are meant to be
Finally you’ve died to self
You are now set free
To use the gifts that you contain
To bring the harvest in
The hands and feet of Jesus Christ
With many a heart to win.

Now is the time to do the things
That you are meant to do
Guided by the precious One
Who lives inside of you
Together you can be a power
To light the days of gloom
If only you will give yourself
Allow The Spirit room.

- Versical


VERSEODE said...

Thanks Alexander,I am both humbled and amazed by the power in these poems.May God bless you in your own walk.Mike.

Alexander said...

@ verseode...thanks much...may God bless you as well!