Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's OK to Shout the Good News

Merry Christmas!

Some people crank up their souped up stereo system in their car loud enough to make the cars next to them at a stop light vibrate. I've been to a football game where the crowd was so loud after a particular play that the luxury box glass windows shook, and the noise was comparable to a sonic boom. In my time, I've seen grown women scream over the Beatles, adults pledge their allegiance to all things Star Wars, and most recently, people killing each other to be the first to get a "Christmas bargain" at a department store.

All found to be acceptable and unoffensive behavior.

However, mention Jesus...suggest an afterschool Bible study, vote yes on Prop 8 (support for traditional marriage), call a parade or event, a Christmas Parade or Christmas Happening...and all heck breaks loose.

Enough. As for me an my house, I will serve the Lord.

It's time to shout the Good News! ...and not be concerned of the backlash. After all, sometimes the truth divides.

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us..." - John 1:14

There it is...Christmas in a nutshell...the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

You may not hear me shouting it right now...but, there you go, I've blogged it:



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Gi said...

How glorious is His name...
How beautiful is His love...
How wonderful is His peace!

May all the Love and Peace and Light that first came on that Holy Night, be with you and those you hold dear. May the true and wonderful meaning of Christmastime bring you lasting joy and brighten the coming year.

Merry Christmas