Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Serenity Now!

The answer to personality problems is found in a quiet return to Godlike thinking. - Science of Mind magazine

It's not easy being peaceful in a turbulent world. Chances are that spending 10 minutes watching the news these days will not do wonders for your inner peace.

I often look back with a chuckle at a Seinfeld episode in which George's dad, trying to pre-empt a tizzy fit, would look to the sky and shout, "Serenity now! Serenity now!"

If only it were that simple!

I was reminded yesterday that it could be one of a number of things that could prompt me to be in a better mood... and even be at peace. It was a quick visit to a pastor friend of mine. In 20 minutes I was truly listened to, encouraged, uplifted, and ready to rock the world!

I know I was experiencing God at work, doing what He does best...comfort and strengthen. Whether it be in your own quiet time, through a song, or through a friend...God works to make your life better...and peaceful!

This from Hazelden's Today's Gift email:

When we're edgy and critical or perhaps feeling inadequate or depressed, we've lost our attunement with God. And when acting the way God would have us act is no longer our priority, our character defects once again emerge and, in time, grow ever more numerous.

We can make the simple decision to always check out our proposal behavior against the behavior we know is from God. When we remember to think of God first before proceeding, we avoid unnecessary conflicts; we refrain from consciously hurting anyone; we manage to take our experiences restfully, moment by moment.

There's really no mystery to having a rewarding and peaceful life. Those we notice who do have likely made a more frequent companion of God than we. The decision to work more on our own friendship with God is an easy one to make.

I will act according to God's wishes today and, in the process, strengthen our friendship.

This devotion from Hazelden comes from the book In God's Care: Daily Meditations on Spirituality in Recovery by Karen Casey.

In God's Care guides readers in understanding and strengthening their connection with a Higher Power, however they choose to define that presence. With the inspiration and support unique to Hazelden meditation books, In God's Care offers encouragement and guidance for "practicing the presence of God" in daily life. -


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