Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Versical: Restoration

Peace has fallen on this person
In a static place, no less
It’s a lull before the storm breaks
Restoration time, I guess
To the state that He created
Undefiled by human touch
Like an onion, we’ve gained layers
Some a few, but many much.

Take a painting, sad and lifeless
Vibrant colours dulled by time
You can damage hidden beauty
As you scrub away the grime
So He takes His time about it
Lovingly He cleans away
Years of dead and poisoned foliage
In our cesspit of decay.

So I offer up my secrets
Some remembered, others not
Like a time lord reaching backwards
He is in a land forgot
But I know that when He’s finished
I will be His child renewed
Thankful that He loves me dearly
Restored, refined, no longer crude.

- Versical

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About Mike
I’m Mike and I am a Christian. I’ve been this way for over twenty years and praise The Lord for the way He has stuck by me and changed me. These blogs are my personal wanderings through life as the world formed me. Nobody is to blame as we are all subject to influences which distort the perfect creation that we were designed to be. May these poems and blogs bless you and you are welcome to use them.


ftLol said...

Hi it is ftlol from blogcatalog. It is good to see a fellow brother. I did not know how to contact you so i am leaving a comment.

One thing I keep thinking after todays discussion is 'you dont give pearls to swine, they will trample them then turn and attack you.'

you can contact me by going to my blog under 'contact me'

Take care and God bless.

Alexander said...

@ftlol...Unable to email you at the address you give on your site.