Friday, February 15, 2008

Add DeKalb

Why is it that when tragedy strikes close to home we often look to God so much quicker and more intently than ever before? Thank you ThirstyJon for giving us this snapshot of your life, DeKalb, Illinois, and a call for prayer after yet another campus shooting -- this time at Northern Illinois University. Northern Illinois University makeshift memorial

Trouble in DeKalb

This from The Thirst for Freedom blog:

I was born in DeKalb, Illinois and grew up in Sycamore - the neighboring town. We ate lots of corn in the summer where I lived. I worked for the DeKalb Ag in the Corn Fields “de-tassling” corn when I was in Junior High...

...My wife and I were driving along an Australian Freeway between Mt Gambier and Adelaide with a group of fun young people when we got a call from a friend back in Illinois. A mad-man has shot up the campus at NIU. Just hours ago. The police were there in less than a minute (I am not surprised by their quick response!). People have died. The university whose political science program had helped produce liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga, and helped produce missions author Ruth A. Tucker, and even had a small part in indirectly influencing the relatively unknown Founder and Chief (only) blogger of (ThirstyJon!) has been attacked! The city where I (and Cindy Crawford) was born has been added to the growing list of towns that have faced this kind of disastrous violence...

...Then for a brief moment I wept. The world is a crazy place...

...We need to produce a generation that sees the world through God’s eyes as best they can.

Banning guns won’t work. A generation of heroes will.

Join me in prayer for the families of the victims at Northern Illinois University and the grieving town of DeKalb, Illinois.

Then join me Seeking the Kingdom of God on Earth, as Jesus commanded us to do when he taught us how to pray:

“Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven.”

Read full post at Trouble in DeKalb


Name : JAZZY JEAN said...

Hi Alexander! Count me in! I'll be one in your prayer brigade! God bless you!!! May God enrich your life and your family's life more with worthy pursuits for the heart and soul. Jazzy Jean

Alexander said...

Thank you Jazzy Jean!