Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barely Holding On

Four dollars per gallon at the pump...foreclosure crisis...the tightening of the credit policies...the strain on business... If we are honest about ourselves, even without considering these current issues, chances are many of us are just barely holding on in one or two areas of our life...but we don't tend to talk about them. - Barry Minkow, during the introduction of his message last Sunday at Community Bible Church of San Diego.

Finishing out my work this evening I plugged into Pastor Barry Minkow's message titled "Broken." He reviews the story of eight people who came in Christ's path shortly before he died on the cross...and what state of mind or emotions they must have been in...most likely just barely holding on.

You can listen to his audio here (Broken 3/16/08).

It made my evening...and I hope you find it impactful as well.



BOOK DESCRIPTION: Before he was even old enough to drink, he had bank accounts, a Ferrari, a mansion, a multi-million dollar corporation, and a desperate little secret . . . it was all a lie. Most of us can't imagine life getting much worse than it got for Barry Minkow, the one-time Wall Street wiz kid who catapulted his company to stardom and success only to see it exposed as a $300-million fraud. Most of us can't imagine spending more than seven years in federal prison and coming out owing victims $26 million. Most of us can't imagine our careers changing from FBI target to FBI trainer, from CEO to senior pastor, from con man to con catcher. Or can we? We've all slipped up. We've all failed. Cleaning Up is Barry Minkow's comeback story-a powerful a tale of redemption and inspiration, of second chances and setting things right. More than a decade from defrauding investors, today, as cofounder of the Fraud Discovery Institute, he's uncovered over a billion dollars worth of investment scams...and pastors a church in San Diego.

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