Monday, March 31, 2008

Choosing Blogosphere Battles, Internet Missions

There's something about the stream of thoughts on the internet that makes humanity very real...and that includes the exposition of good and evil.

Blogging, forums, discussions, and comment sections bring out the best and worst in people.

I'm going to try and discuss this kind of "spiritual battle" as often as I can here. I wanted to start today with part of this discussion found at BlogCatalog.

If you are new to social networking, just hang in there...there's nothing too complicated. Just follow along.

The group at BlogCatalog is Religious Debate. The Discussion headline: to all blievers. The discussion text: to all believers 2 simple questions do you thing that your religion is the true and the only true religion and if yes then why

BlogCatalog does a great thing...they allow "religious" discussion although, there was a moment when its managers were fed up with the "personal attacks" (a common social networking problem) so, they decided to sequester "religious topics" out of general discussion and into its own discussion group. However, it appears that's no longer the case.

Anyways, my response to the "2 simple questions" is this:

I don't belong to a particular "religion". I am Christian (which is not a religion). It means I am saved through Jesus. Yes, I made a decision to follow Him...but it was by His grace that I can have a personal relationship with Him. Jesus is the door.

My faith is real by the assurance I am given since the time I made that decision.

Now, whether someone follows a certain "religion" and then is able to spend eternity in heaven upon his death or not my call!

Let me say this, I would highly discourage anyone from ignoring the possibility that Jesus is the answer! He has been for me and millions of others. My life has been transformed...and I have never been the same since!

....and I still have "fun"!

So, I'd like you to ponder this...we choose our you choose the blogosphere as your battleground for what you believe is right? ...and if you are a you consider the internet a mission field?

Alexander is a writer in the online spiritual battlefield. You can also find him at The Scrooge Report.


beyondrightwing said...

Indeed my friend. Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship. Religion is man's attempt to reach out to God. Christianity is God reaching out to man. Nothing religious about it and every organized Christian "religion" has true believers and those who are truly lost.

Alexander said...

Thanks are certainly correct!